Blockchain answers the age old question of how do we trust online transactions by being a distributed ledger of append only transactions. Every transaction is encrypted and maintained by distributed node of computers that coordonate with one another. The concept of blockchain is all about transparency, traceability, immutability, and auditability. The concept of distributed electronic ledger has revolutionized software development. Businesses can now share trusted information between each other without the need of a third party. Once a transaction is approved, it is impossible to change. This can greately improve financial and healthecare systems where the need for trusted information is the key to the success of the business.

We can help your business get into the edge of technology by leveraging the concept of blockchain, either in the cloud or on premise. Newtium easily transitions to blockchain by using the concept of append-only encrypted event driven data transactions.


Newtium is motivated to improve lives by the means of modern technology and to close the technological gaps between North and South.


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