Reactive Microservices

The way software development was delivered in the past has seen great changes in the last decade. In the past systems were built as a large monolithic applications that took a great amount of time to delivery and were extremely difficult to change in the middle of the process. with the rise of Agile came the need to quickly change and adapt any system built according to the business needs. Microservices breaks down large application into granular subsystem inside a bounded context, developed independently and collaborate together.

At Newtium, for every system, we architect Microservices with the concept of Reactive Applications to allow for the emergence of advanced killer applications that are Elastic, Resilient, Message Driven, Responsive and are better suited for More's Law by taking advantage of Multicore processor and distributed Systems.


Newtium is motivated to improve lives by the means of modern technology and to close the technological gaps between North and South.


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